• Wood/plywood - Cabinetry, furniture, CNC router/laser, finishing
  • Metalworking - MIG welding, forming, CNC Mill
  • Assorted - Rapid prototyping, 3D printing


  • Fusion 360 - 3D modeling, assemblies, rendering, sheet metal, drawings, simulation, manufacturing (CAM)
  • Assorted - Illustrator, Solidworks, Keyshot


  • Materials Analysis, establishing local and non-local domestic manufacturers, international manufacturing


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Herbs Furniture Co Etsy Shoot 2017 21

How it all started.


In 2013, I created my first piece of furniture that I needed to ship out of state. The quote was extremely high, so I decided to go back and rework the design for efficiency. A few minor adjustments and the piece was packed flat, which reduced the shipping costs by 75%. This "aha!" moment started my first company, making high quality flat-packed furniture.

After six invaluable years in fabrication, I was starting to realize my brain was more wired to the product lifecycle instead of the actual day-to-day manufacturing of the product. This shift culminated in the creation of the PBspoon, my first product I designed and launched myself. After the lifecycle of the PBspoon matured, I realized my passion is for that meaty problem solving period in the development of a new product. I now focus my career on helping other individuals and companies launch their own products and help develop processes to manufacture them efficiently. 



About me.


From a young age, my fiddling and tinkering I was influenced by my engineer Dad and Grandfather who worked as a toy designer for Mattel. I'm very inspired by the outdoors and think recharging in nature is the key to a creatively balanced life. You can find me at your local yoga class, bikepacking around the PNW, or in my truck camper at the slopes. 

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Product Design and Development based in Portland, OR.