1997 Toyota T100 Truck Bed Camper

The Tacoma’s bigger brother, the T100 is the Tundra before the Tundra was a thing. The bulletproof 3.4L V6 engine was only available from 1995-1998 in the T100 and was the last of the US trucks produced by Toyota in Japan.

The camper in the T100 is so much sweeter than Tacoma bed campers because of the added width and length. With the 61.5” width, you can comfortably sleep two friendly people (47” memory foam bed width) and still have a lot of room leftover to fit the fridge, battery, water, sink and trash. With a 76” length vs 74” in Tacoma, you do feel a lot less cramped if you’re 6’ tall like me. Sitting up while in bed + couch mode were essential too, you can comfortably do this if you’re 6ft or under without slouching. 

The camper is made using Baltic Birch plywood finished with a high solid lacquer that is durable and easy to clean. It is made into 5 different parts or “modules” that connect using insert nuts and machine threaded screws, assembled using only a phillips screwdriver for unlimited assembly/disassembly without a loss of integrity in wood. Once assembled as a unit, they are attached using Phillips machine screws to existing attachment points on the bed. All drawers are locking and all sliding components have locking hardware to make sure everything remains in place even on the toughest of trails. Complete assembly/disassembly/installation takes about 30 minutes.


Camper components:

  • 50L chest fridge/freezer (12V,110V - Ausranvik)
  • Bluetti EB150 Battery (1500 WH / ~100AH)
  • 100 watt portable solar panel (quick connect located on outside of vehicle)
  • 11 gallons of water storage
  • Integrated sink, wired faucet connected to water pump
  • Pull out waste bin
  • Custom upholstered cushions
  • Removable storage bins (Hay)
  • Locking pull out drawer/table for cooking outdoors
  • Flip up internal table with support bracket
  • Sliding bed platform extendible from 28” -44”