For years, I envied the van life vagabonds and dreamed of a life on the road. Of course being a big fan of efficient campers, I decided to make the best possible use of my Subie and turn it into our traveling camper. The #camperu was born!

Being a woodworker, I cannot live with having a less than completely functional living situation if there's a way to fix it. I spent months measuring the very complex interior of the Subie and designing every angle to fit perfectly in my car. We needed storage space, cooking space and for us to not get near that 1,000 lb weight limit so the design had to be very functional and minimal. It took at least 80 hours of design time and probably about 40 more of build time to make this happen, but I think it was well work the effort.

Having a thoroughly organized space dramatically reduced travel stress and made fights over where the hell the pretzels were way less common 🙂

The STEP model for the build can be found over on GrabCAD